The 5 Best Lawn Mower for 1/2 Acre Lot (Reviewed 2022)

Lawn mowers are great garden tools that save you precious time. A reliable quality lawn mower can provide years of service, that is if you choose the right one. And that’s where we come in, there are several factors to consider when making your selection such as the size of your yard, the terrain, and the overall physical condition.

Knowing what to look for when buying a lawn mower is an important step in your search for the perfect lawn mower. You want a machine that is versatile, capable, and easy to maintain. You also want one that is easy to store and will not clutter up your home.

By reviewing the features thoroughly, you’ll be able to choose the best for your yard helping you maintain that perfectly manicured lawn. We have rounded up the five best-selling products in this category and have come up with this list of best lawn mowers.

Best Lawn Mower for 1/2 Acre Lot

Greenworks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower CHECK PRICE
Black & Decker Besta512CM Compact Electric Lawn Mower CHECK PRICE
Goplus Corded Lawn Mower CHECK PRICE
Black & Decker MM2000 Corded Mower CHECK PRICE
Great States 304-14-5 Blade Push Lawn Mower CHECK PRICE
  1. Greenworks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

                                                   More Info

This corded electric lawn mower has a 12 amp motor that delivers exceptional mulching and cutting capability up to a 100-foot radius from the outlet. It’s equipped with a 20 inch wide cutting deck that provides balanced maneuverability and efficiency to help you get the task done quickly for small to medium-sized lawns and yards.

This versatile mower offers options for handling grass clippings, making the mowing experience enjoyable and effortless. It allows you to discharge the clippings from the side, shoot creating neat rows on the lawn. Another option is to engage the mulching plug, enabling the cutting deck to chop the grass clippings and even smaller pieces facilitating faster breakdown into the soil as a natural fertilizer, or you have the option to collect the grass clippings for later disposal or compost by attaching the rear bag.

Another cool feature of this electric lawn mower is the seven height options, which can be adjusted from one and a half inches up to three and three-quarter inches. Its front wheels are seven inches and the rear wheels are 10 inches and can simultaneously be adjusted using a single lever.

The integrated chord lock prevents accidental cord disconnection. To start mowing, simply push the start button. It operates smoothly and quietly eliminating the possibility of disturbing any sleeping neighbors.

This eco-friendly mower does not produce carbon emissions-reducing your household carbon footprint. It has foldable handles for easy storage, letting you put it in tight corners, under a workbench, or between garden beds.


  • 12-amp motor.
  • 20-inch wide cutting deck.
  • 3-in-1 feature.
  • 7-height features.


  • None.


  1. Black & Decker Besta512CM Compact Electric Lawn Mower

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This compact mower comes in a striking black and orange color to add a little bit of flare to mowing. It’s powered by a six-and-a-half amp motor with a power drive transmission that effectively handles overgrowth and tough weeds.

The three-in-one feature of this handy tool, lets you convert it from a mower to an edger, to a tremor providing versatile functionality to keep your lawn or garden landscape neat and attractive. To use it as a trimmer, simply detach the mower deck. To utilize it as a wheeled edger, rotate the head of the trimmer.

This compact electric-powered motor is ideal for up to 1,200 square feet and great for those difficult to reach areas or small inclines. The mower’s ergonomic lightweight design with adjustable height deck and pivoting handle promote maximum control and comfort.

It easily rotates creating sharp lines around your garden, sidewalks, and driveways. There is an automatic feed spool or AFS that helps you work continuously without the headache of having to stop just to adjust the spool.

The AFS also ensures a bump-free experience while the chord retention system eliminates accidental core disconnection. Storing this 13 pound 15 by seven by a 37-inch electric lawn mower is easy even if you have limited storage space. You can fold the handle and place it in between other garden tools or underneath the work bench.


  • 5 amp motor.
  • 3-in-1 feature.
  • Adjustable height feature.
  • Automatic feed spool.


  • Not ideal for large yards.


  1. Goplus Corded Lawn Mower

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This ergonomically-designed mower is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty grass, trimmer, and weed cutter to get the job done faster. It’s equipped with large five-and-a-half-inch durable wheels that make it a breeze to push around the yard. The easy-to-fold curved handles offer a comfortable secure grip while mowing as well as provide convenient storage.

It comes with a 14-inch cutting deck for incredible cutting capacity and suburb maneuverability in various yard conditions. It uses a 1200 watt motor that drives the mower’s load speed of up to 2,000 RPMs.

There is a dual safety switch to start a smooth operation. You need to press the start button and pull the star handle simultaneously. When it’s on simply release the button. This feature is designed to eliminate air during start-up.

This lawn mower also has three height levels to match your cutting needs one inch, one and a half inches, and two-inch variations. Keep your yard nice and neat while you mow by using the large integrated collection box, which can hold up to 30 liters of clippings it’s made of high-grade steel and plastic weighs about 15 pounds, and has no messy oils needed.


  • 5-inch durable wheels.
  • 14-inch cutting deck.
  • 1,200 Watt motor.
  • 3-height levels.


  • No money-back guarantee.


  1. Black & Decker MM2000 Corded Mower

                                                 More Info

It’s primarily designed for yards of up to a third of an acre in size. It helps you maintain a well-manicured lawn without inconveniences, gas emissions, or a price tag. This fast powerful and efficient lawn mower is engineered with Edge Max technology, giving you the ease of precision to mow the landscapes, borders, fences, and flower beds.

It’s backed up with a high-performance 13 AMP hour engine, which is efficient and helps make the chore more enjoyable. It’s also quiet, ensuring peaceful operation as you go around your lawn. The lightweight design allows you or anyone in the family to push it with ease.

This cool-looking corded lawn mower can help you cut down on tall weeds and grasses. The mulch function dices and slices, those grass clippings into tiny, fine pieces that you can store in a nylon collection bag. This grass bag holds up to 13 gallons and allows you to conveniently check the fill level.

This mower gives you three options to handle the grass clippings side discharge, mulching, and bagging. There is a dedicated one-touch single lever that helps you adjust the height setting from one and a half to four inches. It’s a very reliable electric lawn mower providing instant start-up every time you use it. For compact and easy storage, fold the carrying handle and set it in your garage or tool shed.


  • 13-AH motor engine.
  • 13-gallon capacity.
  • 3-in-1 feature.
  • Height setting.


  • None.


  1. Great States 304-14-5 Blade Push Lawn Mower

                                                More Info

This 23 by 13 by eight and a half inch manual mower is equipped with a 14 inch wide cutting reel that precisely cuts tough or tall grasses in smaller yards. The integrated three spiders ball-bearing system and the reel allow you to make sharp turns with just a light touch.

The five alloy steel blades are ultra-durable enhancing their longevity. The assistant engages the real to make contact with the rear blade. Sharpening the cutting blades occasionally will maintain its efficiency. It weighs 21 pounds making it easier to maneuver and operate by any member of the family, regardless of age stature or strength level.

The zinc-plated corrosion-resistant handle uses comfortable plastic grips. The height option feature allows you to adjust it from up to one inch to one to three-quarter inches. The mower is very and allows easy storage in a tool shed or garage. It has no engine, so it works silently and does not produce gas emissions that add to environmental pollution.

It lets you mow your yard anytime you want, without disturbing your obedient neighbors. You can only hear the quiet snip of the real mower as it cuts the grass off your lawn. As it snips the grass, this remarkable tool cuts just like a pair of scissors, eliminating, tearing, or ripping of the blades of grass. The result is a more attractive green lawn.


  • 14-inch wide cutting
  • 3-spider ball bearings.
  • Adjustable heights.


  • None.

Things You Should Consider

Buying a lawn mower can be challenging. There are many different types of gas and electric models to choose from, so it is important to do your research before making your purchase. This guide will help you narrow down the best options for size, power type, and price.

The best lawn mowers for the money are not always the most expensive ones. With these tips in mind, you will be able to find a great model that fits within your budget.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are three basic types of lawn mowers, each with their own different strengths and weaknesses. Small capacity electric lawn mower In a typical residential setting, this type of mower will likely have a fairly short length and typically carries an air compressor to recharge the battery while it is in operation.

They are convenient and convenient, but the shorter length means they can’t handle thick lawns very well. These lawn mowers are best suited for low areas and smooth grass. Some models may have a self-propelled option.

Tractor-based push mower operates similarly to a small gas-powered lawn mower. Many require electric accessories to work, however. Most of these can manage medium to large lawns, but some may need additional attachments to perform better.

Gas-Powered vs Electric

When looking at the different types of lawn mowers available, one big question is: which type of mower is the best for the money? Gas or electric powered mowers both produce power through gas or electricity. As the name implies, both mowers are powered by electricity. This makes the mower run in the same manner as an electric toothbrush or electric kettle.

Electric mowers come with an electric cord that needs to be plugged in to an outlet. Gas-powered mowers don’t have a cord, but it is necessary to plug them into the mower so they work properly. Some models will require a gas cartridge to be placed into the gas tank while other models require just a key to start the gas engine. As an electric mower has no cord, it is much easier to store.

Size of the Area to be Mowed

Look for a mower that can handle the width of your yard. Most lawn mowers will vary in the depth of the cut. For example, a 4 inch wheeled mower is able to cut 4 to 5 inches. If you are planning to cut an acre, you will want a mower that has a 15 inch deck. Price Electric mowers offer low noise, are more maneuverable than gas models, and offer ease of use.

The only disadvantage is that they are a bit more expensive. If you want an electric model that is a little more compact, then look for a 4 inch wheeled electric mower. Overall Rating The above information should help you make a smart decision when purchasing a lawn mower. Your next purchase should also be a good deal, so look for a high quality model with lower prices.

Power Type

Power type makes the biggest difference when it comes to how much mowing power a lawn mower has. Compact/Razor/Timer – Most electric push mowers only have small 12 inch cutting blades. The type of blade on a lawn mower directly impacts how much noise it makes.

A standard 12 inch blade has a 7 inch gap in the middle. This design is slightly quieter than a standard mower. On the other hand, a standard 16 inch cutting blade has a larger gap in the middle and is quieter than a standard model. A standard 17 inch blade has a slightly larger gap in the middle and is louder than a standard model.

Vertical Rotary – A vertical rotary mower has a long mower deck with two blades on it that spin while they cut.


Price is always a factor, but keep in mind that there are lawn mower sales that offer free delivery. You may be able to find a decent deal on a good lawn mower during the winter months. The cost of gasoline has also decreased in recent years, which means that fuel costs will not be an issue.

Most gas mowers will have a simple remote for easy operation, and many offer two-year warranties. These can be a good choice if you plan on mowing on an irregular basis. Efficiency Your lawn mower will not work if it is inefficient.

A lawn mower that cannot push a wheelbarrow full of grass can only be a hindrance to the whole exercise. The standard 30 amp mower should have a push-to-turn-around time of less than three seconds, making it ideal for minor yard maintenance.


Buying a new lawn mower is a big decision. It’s an investment that you want to make the most of. You’ll have to decide on the type of mower you want and determine how much land you need it for. Here, are some frequently asked questions that will help you make the best decision for your lawn.

1. What type of mower should I buy?

Before you buy a new lawn mower, you need to make sure that you know the type of lawn mower that you want to buy. There are several lawn mower types to choose from. One popular type of lawn mower is the zero-turn mower, which gives you more control over your grass while mowing it. But you can also buy hybrid lawn mowers, which use a combination of gas and electric power.

2. What length of grass do I need?

If you live in an apartment, your lawn will likely be smaller. Therefore, you won’t need a mower that is able to cut an entire lawn at once. If you do live in an apartment and have a limited lawn, then you should consider a lawn mower that can be set to work on a lawn that is about one and a half acres in size.

3. Should I buy a cordless or gas lawn mower?

Because there is a wide range of options for lawn mowers in the market, it’s hard to choose the right option for you. However, as we said earlier, it is an investment. You don’t want to get a lawn mower that requires a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, you also don’t want to get a huge gas lawn mower that won’t have the same power for the job.

The solution is to buy a cordless or gas lawn mower. Both the options have their own pros and cons. If you want to go with gas mower, you should look for one with mulching features. This would help reduce the work you need to do around your lawn. Should I get a lightweight or heavier mower? If you’re planning to cut your lawn for hours every day, you want a heavier mower with stronger engine.

4. How much land do I need to have for this type of mower?

Lawn mowers are available in different sizes. The number of wheels that it has also determines the type of mower you need. If you have a relatively small yard, the most affordable mowers come with 2-wheel wheels. However, if you have a large property, you may consider getting a four-wheel mower, which can also be mowed with a smaller gas engine.

5. How much will it cost for each mower?

Different types of lawn mowers cost different amounts. It depends on the features you want. It can be very expensive to go for a mower that comes with an electric start. However, lawn mowers with a battery are available at a cheaper price. Many of these lawn mowers can also be used to clean up your patio or driveway. How should I choose the best lawn mower?

6. Where should I store my lawn equipment?

When your lawn mower is out of use, you will want to make sure it stays dry. For example, make sure your mower is stored in a climate-controlled shed or garage. You also don’t want to store it in a garage with high humidity or direct sunlight. If you use your lawn mower a lot, you might want to invest in a storage shed that can store your lawn mower and other equipment.

It’s always a good idea to make sure your storage area can be heated, and that the floor is covered. You might also want to consider investing in a portable shed for your smaller equipment like push brooms. How many cubic feet of storage space does a lawn mower need? The size of your storage shed will depend on how many lawn mowers you own.

7. Should I buy a push or self-propelled mower?

Choosing between a push or self-propelled mower is a difficult one to make. Both types are very good for different purposes and this will impact your overall investment when purchasing one. A self-propelled mower is best for smaller lawns that are flat and wide, while a push mower is better for smaller yards that are not as wide and require more upkeep.

Take the time to research the features and benefits of each type of mower before buying.  Can I repair my lawn mower or use it for parts? You’ll be surprised by how many people are not aware of this service. Many small lawn mowers are not made to be repaired and the plastic housing has a limited lifetime.

8. When is the best time to mow my lawn?

Consider your own work schedule and environment. A person who wants to get the yard mowed right after work on a Monday, for example, may want to take advantage of the high intensity in the yard. A person who works during the day and wants the yard mowed after work on Tuesday is likely to have a better experience.

You can’t get the same response if the person needs to get the yard mowed at 5:00 p.m., but starts his or her work day at 9:00 a.m. because of a morning class or work schedule. To determine when you should get the lawn mowed, choose a day that works best for you and your schedule. If you’re not at home, you may want to schedule it in advance to give yourself time to make it to the mowing place.

9. What should I do if the grass has gone too long without being cut?

If the grass is past a few days, and if you can not get the grass to grow back as fast as it was before you cut it, then a longer rest will do the job. You will need to re-cut it before it can get long enough to mow again. If you are still not satisfied with the re-cutting, then you can use the multiple edge to cut it again. To cut the grass again, use the mower in a cutting arc and cut short of the edge.

10. How long should I wait before mowing again?

You should wait at least 1 month to 2 months before re-cutting your lawn again. If you make the mistake of re-cutting your grass too soon, then the grass could have been cut at the root. It may be too tender for the mower blades to cut through. If you wait too long, then the grass is well on its way to grow again.


As you can see, when buying a new lawn mower, there is a lot to consider. You’ll need to do your research, talk to your family, and do your best to find a lawn mower that you are satisfied with. Once you’ve taken the proper steps to get a lawn mower, you can finally get to work.


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