The Disadvantages of Zero-Turn Mowers: What to Consider Before Buying One

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Zero turn mowers are a useful device for people with large yards. They can make it easy to cut around bushes and trees. However, they have many disadvantages. The size of the machine makes it difficult to use on uneven terrain. It is also expensive to buy, costing anywhere from $2000-$4000.

There is also a lot of maintenance required for zero turn mowers, and they are quite loud when operating. Here, are some additional disadvantages of zero turn mowers that you should know before buying one for your own yard.

Size of the machine

The machine being used is the biggest limitation of zero turn mowers. While it is fine for smaller yards, they are difficult to use on larger ones. Also, it is not easy to move the machine without a significant amount of strain.

When using them on uneven terrain, the machine becomes much more difficult. When towing, they are also quite loud. The low price may be attractive, but it can come with a large price tag. The average price of a zero turn mower is $2000. If you want to buy a no-lift model, it costs even more.

Since these mowers are heavy, they are not exactly good for use with a motorized cart. They can be used by people with disabilities, but they are also not as easy to move as gas powered mowers.

Cost of zero-turn mowers

The high price of zero-turn mowers can make them impractical for people with small yards. These mowers may be too large for less-than-large yards and may not be suitable for mowing grass around trees. Although they can be quite effective at mowing uneven terrain, it is difficult for people with limited mobility to use a zero turn mower.

Regular maintenance

Although zero turn mowers are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of maintenance, they require regular maintenance to make sure that they stay in good working condition. Zero turn mowers need to be filled with air once a month and need to be run to clear the line of debris from the blades. This can be done by using a starter handle to hold it in place.

Maintenance of zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers have a lot of moving parts that have to be maintained in order to operate efficiently. It is recommended to keep your mower on a small motor and always check the oil and the level of gas in the tank before driving. It is best to change the oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.

Lawn cutters have a lot of parts to which it is very important to keep the dust and debris out. There are many hoses and tubes that need to be properly maintained. When you do a simple installation like changing the blade, check that everything is in working order.

Large weight of a zero-turn mower You should not expect to carry a zero-turn mower around. There is a lot of strain and effort required for a person to move the machine.

Difficult terrain for zero-turn mowers

Zero turn mowers have difficulty operating on rocky terrain, as they are not well suited for rough terrain. This is especially true if you are trying to cut large amounts of grass, as the machine will tend to dig into the ground when making a sharp turn. This can damage the machine, and there is also a tendency to make the mower more difficult to push.

A noisy environment

One of the disadvantages of zero turn mowers is that they are loud machines, especially when operating. This can be a problem in areas where the noise of the mower is difficult to hear, such as inside of a home. Constant maintenance There is a lot of maintenance required for a zero turn mower. They need to be greased regularly, and they must be regularly cleaned of dirt and debris.

Loudness of zero-turn mowers when in operation

Zero turn mowers are loud. They have the advantage of maneuverability, but that comes at the expense of being fairly noisy in operation. Typically, these machines make a very distinct sound while working, but the amount of noise varies from machine to machine.

Some have a quiet exhaust system, but others will make a lot of noise, especially when your lawn has a lot of vegetation.

Lack of Groom

Zero turn mowers typically have a large gas tank that holds a lot of fuel. The amount of fuel that a machine has can have a significant impact on its performance. As an example, a lawn mower with two separate tanks may have two fuel cut-off switches. If the gas tank on one side of the machine is empty, it will shut down and switch over to the other tank until it is refilled.


If you have a large amount of grass to cut, then purchase a zero-turn mower.  A zero-turn mower’s effectiveness is unbeatable. On the contrary, a zero-turn mower is a costly luxury if your yard is less than four acres.

The best option for a large yard is a zero-turn mower. If you own a large property and treasure your time, you should consider paying the upfront cost and getting used to using a zero-turn mower to cut grass in your yard.

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