Do Lawn Mowers Come Assembled?

Do Lawn Mowers Come Assembled?

You might be wondering if you need to assemble your lawn mower, or if it comes assembled. If you’re reading this blog post, then the answer is yes. Lawn mowers are shipped with parts that need to be assembled before they can be used.

However, assembling a lawn mower does not take a lot of time – most of the time is spent waiting for glue to dry. The following instructions will show you how to assemble your lawn mower and get you back to cutting grass in no time!

Follow the Instructions

Your lawn mower will arrive at your house assembled, but if you want to do some lawn mowing before that happens, follow the instructions included with your lawn mower, and you will be ready to mow in no time.

Place the non-grippy side of the frame over the front wheel and drive the deck down the edge of the frame. The more you move the deck, the better the seal will be. Place the Wheels Measure the distance between the front and back wheels.

Use the woodworking table or a measuring tape to get an accurate measurement, then place the front and back wheels on the frame. Place the front wheel on the edge of the frame and push it into the center hole of the wheel drain.

Packing and Unpacking

When your lawn mower arrives, it will be packed and unloaded into your garage. The first thing you need to do is unpack your lawn mower. The first thing you will want to do is separate your decking material from the lawn mower.

If you didn’t already, check that your decking material does not contain loose nails or screws, or is damaged, and avoid trimming and splitting the lawn mower deck with any of these materials.

It’s much easier to make things difficult on yourself when you have to transport the lawn mower back and forth, or drive down the street with it for the first time, than if you just had a broken lawn mower sitting in the garage. Lawnmowers have a hinged or ‘swinging’ deck that you need to separate from the lawn mower.

Assemble Different Parts

For this guide, I’m going to assemble and fit the wheels, all four of the blades (two electric and two manual), and the wooden decking. The wood decking is optional, but it gives a nice retro look to the mower.

If you are unsure which blade is the right size for your lawn mower, this guide can help. The first step is to remove the rubber wheels from your lawn mower. Find your box for your lawn mower and remove the box. Inside the box will be two rubber wheels.

This is the front wheel and back wheel, but they are pretty much identical. It’s always a good idea to take the rear wheels and put them in front of the front wheels. This will create a smaller wheel in the back, which is generally more consistent. Next, pop off the handle and take off the plastic locking mechanism.


The first thing you need to do is disconnect the wheels. Getting the wheels off is very easy. Simply disconnect the spring – which looks like a slider, onto the end of the shaft. This will allow the wheels to come off easily.

Easy peasy! Now you just need to push the mower down and then put the wheels back on. Front End You now need to make your front end. The front end is the part that fits around the hub and the handle. The front end needs to be secured on the mower with some type of bracket, or possibly some nails.

I’ve done the latter myself, but I suggest the easier and more safe option. The following video demonstrates how to secure your front end to your mower, and how to mount the rear end.


The handlebars are the body of the lawn mower. These come with hooks that hold your mower’s cutting blades in place. Attach the handlebar hook to the mower, then insert the cutting blades. Attach a second handlebar hook to the mower so you can remove the blades and easily remove the mower.

Pressure Roller Wheels The two wheels on your mower are also the pressure rollers. Place the wheels onto the mower, aligning the corners, then push the rollers forward. The rolling rollers push the cutting blades along the mower deck.

Pusher Wheels Push the pusher wheels onto the mower deck, then align the pusher wheels with the blades. Attach a second handlebar hook so you can remove the blades when you’re done.


Lawn mowers come with a steel deck. Without getting into the details, that deck should be installed with a level and, ideally, a tarpaulin to protect the surface from the rain. If you are not familiar with the components of a lawn mower, just be aware that you have to bend down to the ground to install the deck, and you should not do this with the lawnmower balanced on a stand, as the lawn mower will be prone to tipping over.

This handy gadget from Gardeners World will make short work of the job! This gadget, called a hex wrench, will fit most lawn mowers, and loosens the bolts that hold the deck to the mower. You can then lower the deck and attach the wheel to the mower.

Assemble the Blades

If you bought a mower that has blades that need to be installed, then the blades should be hanging on the mower when you take it out of the box. Sometimes, the instructions don’t show a blade on the front of the box, so you’ll need to make sure that the blade matches the model you bought.

You can also cut down the front of the lawn mower to make sure the blades match the model you bought. If you bought a lawn mower that does not have blades, then all you need to do is unscrew the blades from the back of the mower.

If you see a blade on the front of the mower, then you need to unscrew the blades from the front. Make sure the blades are installed in the correct orientation – for example, in the case of a push mower, then the blades must be installed on the “forward” side of the mower.


Do you own a lawn mower? Would you consider buying one? I do and I’m looking forward to growing some good grass in my front yard.

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