Do Lawn Mowers Take Regular Gas?

Types of Lawnmower Brands

Lawnmowers come in many shapes and sizes. And while most lawnmowers are gas-powered, some are battery-powered or electric. The type of fuel your lawnmower takes depends on the kind of power it has – gas, electric, or battery.

Gas-powered lawn mowers can use just about any unleaded fuel, and you might be able to find a lawnmower that runs on propane if you prefer that type of fuel. Electric or battery-powered mowers usually take regular household voltage (110 volts) so they can run off of standard household current.

What is a lawnmower?

A lawn mower is a mechanical tool that you use to mow the lawn. Lawn mowers are also called mowers or riding mowers. They typically cut the grass, either on a regular cutting deck, on a groomer, or on a rotary cut deck.

Lawn mowers can be powered by gas, battery, or electric power. Gas-powered mowers use an internal combustion engine to turn the wheels and cut the grass. The engine in a gas-powered mower is called the “engine,” or “turbo.” It uses either air or gas to do its work.

Air is available at atmospheric pressure – from the atmosphere around you and nearby – and can be forced into the cylinder and ignited by the exhaust spark plug. The air travels through the cylinder and ignites the fuel-air mixture.

How does a lawnmower work?

All lawnmowers can mow grass. The type of fuel the lawnmower takes is determined by the type of power it has. Gas-powered lawn mowers have a pull chain, and you might also find an electric motor. Some electric mowers are self-propelled or, in the case of push-riding mowers, you can push the mower to mow grass.

If you are interested in the inner workings of a lawnmower, you can read some FAQs or visit our mower-related FAQs page.

What kind of fuel do different gas-powered lawn mowers take?

Gasoline is the most common kind of fuel used in gas-powered lawnmowers, and it can be hard to tell the difference between the different types of gasoline. With all of these different kinds of gasoline available, you might think you have a handle on it, but you’d be wrong.

The term “gasoline” refers to any kind of fuel used in a gasoline-powered lawn mower, so if you see any kind of label on the side of a lawnmower that indicates a particular grade of gasoline is used, that means it’s a gasoline-powered lawnmower. That said, there are several different grades of gasoline available, and this means that some gas-powered lawn mowers take regular gas and some don’t.

What kind of fuel do electric or battery-powered mowers take?

Electric mowers usually take regular household current or a proprietary battery-powered electric cord. Some of these devices also take standard household voltage, so you can use them off the standard household current if you prefer.

But don’t rule out propane if you don’t want to have to plug your electric or battery-powered mower into a power outlet. You can use a propane tank in a garage or other enclosed area to power your electric mower. Be aware of electric-powered lawn mowers that require a voltage source.

These devices tend to have an unusual power cord that plugs into an outlet on one side of the mower and into a battery pack on the other side. It’s a little inconvenient to have to reach up to plug the mower in at the plug instead of just turning it on by hand.


But lawn mowers are notoriously complicated machines, and they require some care and maintenance. If you get the lawn mower for free, we don’t suggest taking it to your local barbershop or the auto repair shop for a tune-up. A good free repairman is out there, and you can probably find one in your area, if you look hard enough.

However, a poorly-kept lawnmower in good condition can last you many years, so there is no need to worry about that now. As you take care of your lawnmower, be sure to ask for suggestions from friends and family who have also mowed their lawns. You’ll probably find a lot of good advice, and a few horror stories, too.


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