Help! My Lawn is Nothing But Weeds: What Can I Do?

Help! My Lawn is Nothing But Weeds: What Can I Do?

What’s the worst thing for a lawn? Weeds. They kill grass and make your yard look dirty and unkempt. Although you may not be able to keep them away, you can make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to stop them from taking over.

Weeds can grow quickly, so it’s important to be proactive in your weed control efforts– especially if you have a large yard or one with many different types of weeds. Here are some tips on how to get rid of weeds from now on!

The Causes of Weed Problems

The best way to keep weeds from growing in your yard is to find and eliminate the causes. In addition to you killing the weeds, you will also need to remove the old plant growth from your yard. The best way to do this is by hand or with a low-powered shovel.

While it is easy to kill weeds with chemicals, a good way to kill the weeds but not damage your lawn is by hand. Weeds grow and reproduce rapidly, so your manual removal process can work for weeks without costing you a lot of money.

How to Manage Weeds

Weed before they get too high. The first thing to do is to determine if you’re having a problem with weeds. Not all weeds are bad and if you start with a short list, then it’ll be a lot easier to deal with them. Some quick and dirty ways of finding out if your weeds are becoming a problem are:

Plant debris:  You want to make sure that your lawn isn’t just getting too much tree matter or trash.  You want to make sure that your lawn isn’t just getting too much tree matter or trash blown into it.

Water production: This can be a good indicator that your grass is getting too much water. If you can’t believe that your grass can handle that much water, then chances are that it isn’t getting enough water.

Make weeding easy by using a weed trimmer

Most people have a hand trimmer in their garage– right? You’ll need to purchase it from a lawn and garden store to be able to use it. But if you’re up for the job of cutting down your weeds, you can use a hand trimmer to make it a lot easier.

That’s why I personally recommend a Weed Trimmer. And with a Trimmer, you can easily manage your lawn, or your front lawn if you want, even if it’s a much bigger job. Get rid of unwanted plants If you want to get rid of the wrong plants in your yard, you can ask the landscapers in your neighborhood to do it for you, but you can always do it yourself, too.

In my neighborhood, I just have to ask the landscapers to do it for me because they love my lawn. But there are many different options to use when it comes to getting rid of unwanted plants.

Keep weeds in check with mulch

Mulch acts as a great tool for keeping weeds in check. Instead of spraying a chemical solution that just goes onto the surface of your lawn, mulch takes care of it for you. By putting a layer of mulch around your lawn, you prevent weeds from taking root, preventing weeds from spreading and destroying your grass.

Keep in mind that the mulch also serves a great purpose in keeping your lawn looking nice, too. Plant a succession of different types of grass Variety is key when it comes to keeping your lawn looking the way it should. By planting a succession of different grass types, you ensure that your lawn always looks greener, more beautiful, and more green.

Getting Rid of the Weeds

Get the kids involved with your weed control efforts! If they love playing outside, you could ask them to pick out the weeds they see while playing outside and then either put them in a bucket or bag (maybe even throw them into the trash for a fresh start), or take them to the garden and cut them off at the ground.

If you aren’t around, then tell them to pick out the weeds from around the house. They will appreciate it. Mow regularly. Your grass is the first thing that weeds grow on, so mowing regularly helps to kill those first. Weeding (and keeping the weeds under control) takes a lot of time and effort, so it makes sense that you would want to be able to keep up with both.

Consider your soil type

Before you can do anything about weeds, you need to know how well your soil is. “Fertilizers, pesticides, and lawn products work best on your soil,” according to the University of Missouri Extension. Try to combine fertilizers and pesticides to maximize their effectiveness, but if you can’t, it’s okay to be organic.

Organic weed control works best in cold or wet areas, but you still should apply some kind of product. Treat the plant problem! If you’re using pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical on your lawn or garden, it’s important that you test them on your soil.

Some chemical products can actually burn the roots of the plants you’re trying to kill! One easy test is to mix a quarter cup of water with the lawn product and dump it into your test area.

Keep it dry!

The best way to keep weeds from growing is to keep the area around your house and driveway as dry as possible. This is important to keep a lawn as healthy as possible, but it also protects your own turf. As we’ve discussed in an article on how to protect your lawn, you can also use things like a pre-emergent weed killer if you’re going to be mowing your lawn.

Inspect the area around your home on a regular basis and remove any weeds that you see. You can also trim the edges of your lawn every couple of weeks, especially if it’s uneven, so it doesn’t appear as if there are weeds there. Create a schedule. It’s important to mow your lawn on a regular schedule, so that it isn’t growing unacceptably tall. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it every day!

What Weed Killers Are Available

Over the past few decades, weeds have gotten a lot more resistant to many different types of herbicides. But one type that has been successful for weed management has been the Roundup Ready product line. These products are specially designed to kill most types of weeds.

They are also pesticide free, so there are no harmful chemicals in your lawn or garden. If you want to be completely weed-free, you should probably get a few of these products.  You don’t have to use Roundup Ready products if you don’t want to. They do kill most weeds, but you should still be using organic methods of weed control– as we just explained.

How to Choose the Right Weed Killer

Some of the best weed killers for killing weeds are mixtures containing glyphosate, a much more effective weed killer than chemical weed killers such as RoundUp. Some of these weed killers contain 2 to 8 percent glyphosate, while others contain up to 20 percent glyphosate!

Generally speaking, these products are safe for use on gardens and lawns, but there are many weed control products containing 2 to 8 percent glyphosate. If you’re planning on using an herbicide spray to kill weeds on your lawn, then it’s best to use the product in the 2 to 8 percent concentration range. Mixing a Weed Killer To mix up a weed killer, mix the ingredients and water in a spray bottle.


Don’t let your grass go to seed this season. Lawns can be a wonderful way to add beauty and plenty of room for your pets and family to play without wearing them out. You can even have flowers growing in your lawn without a problem, if you plant them correctly. Don’t let weeds ruin your lawn!

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