Symptoms of a Bad Starter on Riding Mower

Symptoms of a Bad Starter on Riding Mower

Your riding lawn mower is a time-saving machine. It saves you the time required to cut your grass, mulch the grass, and provide fertilizer. If your riding lawn mower has a bad starter, it won’t start up. This could be due to any number of problems, such as:

1) The battery is dead

2) The starter is not working properly

3) The solenoid switch is faulty

4) A broken cable

5) A defective starter motor.

Here, are some ways that might be causing your riding mower starter problem and how to fix the problem

What to do if your starter won’t work

1) Fiddle around with the solenoid switch for the engine. It is located at the side of the mower at the tailgate. Move it about a few inches from the ground. Then flip the switch to the turn.

2) If the mower will not start then remove the starter by twisting the metal piece at the bottom.

3) Turn the mower off, disconnect the battery, and inspect the solenoid switch for dirt, oil, and water. Replace it if needed.

4) Keep an eye on your riding lawn mower. It is advisable to repair or replace the starter if it is broken or malfunctioning. .

How to fix a bad starter on riding lawn mower?

First of all, you need to check if your riding lawn mower is gas powered. If it is gas powered, there are many different types of spark plugs you can use.

Check the spark plug. The best kind of spark plug for starting your riding lawn mower is one with a chrome or nickel metal alloy spark plug.

Check your key. You can check if your key is the right size for your riding lawn mower by taking a sharp tool and using it to saw down the hole of the key so that you can see how much of the key fits in the hole of the spark plug.

Use a very small amount of wire lubricant on the starter solenoid or send line. This can help the starter motor run smoothly. Just make sure that you use a plastic or latex lubricant instead of oil, and always clean it with a wire brush before using it.

The starter is not working properly

The battery is dead You should replace the starter motor if the solenoid switch and/or solenoid has been broken for some time. The solenoid switch and solenoid have to be sealed from the solenoid motor to prevent leakage.

You can even use an electrical tape seal around them to prevent any liquids from entering. If you can’t find a replacement, then you will have to replace the entire starter motor. Bad Oil or Compound The oil or compound needs to be changed.

Replace with new, clean oil. Compound, on the other hand, may be left over from when the engine was serviced years ago. It is still good for the blade, but it might cause the starter motor to start. Replace with a new compound. Missing parts Missing one or more parts may cause the starter motor not to start.

The solenoid switch is faulty

The solenoid switch is the one that will keep your starter motor running. If the solenoid switch is faulty, the mower won’t start. You can replace the solenoid switch with a new, reliable mower starter unit. If you decide to replace the starter, be sure to use a good starter unit.

Make sure to check the model number and the service level of the mower motor. Some models come with a starter that has multiple speeds. Check to see which motor speed and RPM setting is best for your mower. If you have several mowers, it would be good to have a unit that fits all of them. There are some good brands that you might consider.

How to fix the solenoid switch?

A Solenoid switch is a device that manages the solenoid in your riding mower. The solenoid is an electrical connection between the mower’s engine and the wheels. The solenoid control gives the rider a hand-hold. The solenoid controller consists of one or more solenoid probes.

A solenoid sensor, which is typically an analog type, located on the bottom side of the mower engine when it is off, measures the current through the solenoid circuit. If the current through the solenoid circuit is below a pre-set level, the solenoid controller will open up the circuit breaker.

After the circuit breaker is closed, the mower engine will remain off until the current through the circuit is increased above the preset level.

Broken cables and defective starters

This problem is most likely due to a faulty starter motor. Replacing the starter motor is quick and easy. For both a battery replacement as well as a starter motor, the replacement parts come in one part that is a complete replacement, like the picture below.

There’s no additional battery to charge or car to bring the starter. A battery and a starter cost around $40 each. If a starter motor is the issue, you need to replace the motor. The motor should come in a bolt-on kit.

The kit contains all of the parts you need to replace the motor and includes a new spark plug for the motor. The unit is like a standard battery that powers the starter motor, and it will fit into any car or battery charger. The charger will power the new starter motor.


Riding mower repairs can be daunting. It is very crucial to make sure that you are hiring the right riding mower repair service. Before choosing the right company, take a look at their website, reviews, and ratings. With the right help, you will be able to have the most efficient riding lawn mower.

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