The Worst Lawn Pests in Columbus: What To Know and How To Fight

Worst Lawn Pests in Columbus

Maintaining a healthy lawn is important for the environment and your home. A healthy lawn provides a habitat for birds, insects, and other wildlife. It also lowers the chance of runoff that can cause pollution in nearby streams and rivers.

When you maintain your lawn regularly, it will be healthier and more beautiful. You can take preventative measures by using pesticides to kill pests before they get out of hand. Here, are some common bugs that attack lawns in Columbus and how to get rid of them.

Lawn Pests

For more details about getting rid of different types of pests, click here. Spiders Many spiders and bugs are harmless but some can be problematic. An adult female redback spider can kill a full-grown human. They can be dangerous if they bite. Some spiders won’t bite but will feel threatened.

If a spider feels threatened, it will get defensive and raise its body temperature to emit an aroma of chemicals to repel enemies and attack. An adult female redback spider is brown and has markings on its legs that are its “suit”.

Spiders that bite are typically brown or black with dark patterns. Adults grow to be between 5 and 8 inches in length and have the most venomous spinnerets (stinging apparatus). The male redback spider does not have a venomous sting.

Protecting Your Lawn

Lawns provide habitat for animals to live and grow. Some pests are smaller than a grain of rice, such as flower beetles, and they can destroy plants and flowers. You can prevent these pests from killing your plants by using simple tips like tucking your lawn away from your porch and garage.

Here, there are many different pest control products, so you can buy them in your local hardware store. They will make sure your lawn is pest-free all summer. You can also use horticultural products on your lawn.

They are useful for all kinds of insects, including aphids. Pest-Proofing Your Garden Because your garden can attract pests as well, you will need to control them. Use natural, organic gardening methods to keep pests out of your garden. Keep your soil clean.

Preventing Lawn Pests

To prevent pest problems, many people spray their lawns with insecticides. Some insecticides are labeled for use during the growing season only, but others are available to be used all year. Find the right pesticide for your lawn and try to spray them only once per year.

If you only spray insecticides a few times per year, it will be easier to notice the difference in pests over time. To stop adult mosquitoes from laying eggs, you may want to consider using mosquito dunks to discourage eggs from being laid in the first place.

Insecticidal soap is another option that can be used to stop tiny flying bugs from feeding and hatching in your yard. Preventing Poison Ivy Spread Sage is an excellent choice for controlling poison ivy.

Getting Rid of Lawn Pests

Check all of your plants and for signs of insects and birds to make sure you aren’t missing any trouble. Check around your porch for eggs. Use a garden hose to wash away any eggs before they hatch. Keep track of all of your pet’s poop so you can always pick it up after it goes to the bathroom.

This will give you a chance to eliminate any eggs that are under your pet’s fur. Birds can carry rabies and other diseases, and the eggs that they lay on lawns can harbor these. Frequent mowing is one of the best ways to keep bugs off of your lawn.

Just remember not to mow too much, otherwise, you will destroy your lawn. Use a trimmer to keep your lawn to a manageable size. Another way to kill bugs is with a simple yet powerful product called a pellet gun. These bullets contain a harmless poison.

Chemicals for Killing Bugs

Spray for Insects (Adult and Juvenile) Lime sulfur spray will kill adult and juvenile bugs. It can also help the lawn to turn green. Keep in mind that pesticide sprays can irritate the eyes. Be sure to wear protective goggles when using chemicals on the lawn.

Never use bug spray with bleach or ammonia. Avoid sprays with a strong smell. Adult Killer Bacteria Spray Insecticides containing Bacillus thuringiensis are effective in killing adult bugs. These include Triazole — The killing strength is 130 ppm. The spray is a liquid that has a slightly sour or medicinal smell.

Not recommended for children or pets. Korazine — It is one of the most effective products for getting rid of adult and juvenile bugs. It has a strength of 15-250 ppm and is for use in the evening.

Natural Predators and Insecticides

One of the most common sources of pest infestation on lawns is naturally occurring predators and insects that feed on your lawn. This list will not include poisons like copper or thiamethoxam (Chlorpyrifos), which have been shown to be unsafe for humans and pets.


We hope this helps you keep your lawn looking its best. If you want more information on lawn care in Columbus, check out our lawn care services page.

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