8 Types of Lawn Mower Brands

There has never been such a wide range of lawn mowers to purchase. The elegance and designs seem alien from what you would have envisioned a lawnmower to be a decade ago. Each one of them has distinct characteristics and uses. Some of them are particularly fit for certain lawn types.

With so much to select from, it’s wise to be careful when determining which appliance is ideal for you and your yard. It’s because all mowers aren’t equal if you compare the cost range of the shops.

The market is inundated with low-quality machines. They’re a poor imitation of high-quality brands that are already established. Between design on a budget and great value, there’s a remarkable difference, and getting a suitable compromise is excellent art.

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Also, it’s worth knowing what to take into account because bargains are still available. If you’re unsure of where to begin your search, check these best lawnmower brands that we’ve compiled for you as they’re available at a competitive cost and have proven build quality.

When it comes to groundskeeping, there are two kinds of people in the world. Some relish spending time outdoors taking care of their small paradise. For others, it’s simply a means to an end.

If you’re in the latter group of people, a robotic lawnmower is your best bet. It’s because it has been developed to handle nearly every task when it comes to maintaining your lawn. Therefore, you’ll reap the advantages of a clean yard without hard work.

If they’re not fit for your yard, you can always take into account bribing the youthful generation to mow on your behalf! Ensure that you inquire for counsel on the type of lawnmower you want to purchase.

If your garden is less than ideal, don’t purchase a cylinder mower. What you need is a 4-wheel rotary lawnmower. On the other hand, if your garden comprises mixed types of grass, take into account a 3-in-1 style appliance that’ll cover all bases rather than a normal rotary.

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If you’re still not certain about the lawn mower brand that’s best for mowing your lawn, check these best brands available in the market. Read on!


Types of Lawnmower Brands

If you prefer lawn mower brands that have the most recent battery technology in their machines, then Worx is the best. Worx provides electric cable-less lawnmowers at a pocket-friendly price. It adds almost every characteristic of the high-quality designs.

Scan through the huge collection of Worx lawnmowers to find a design that suits your landscaping requirements. Warx lawnmowers come with features such as:

  • It comes with a collapsible handle.
  • It’s easy to maneuver.
  • It comes with bagging, mulching, and releasing options.

Worx puts together a plain model with a powerhouse response on your property’s contours. These lawnmower designs are somewhat light as compared to gas-powered mowers. They weigh between 50 and 60 pounds.

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If you want a lawnmower that’s easy for your entire family to use, always keep in mind the weight of the appliance. Older kids may choose to help the family out on busy weekends by pushing the mower around.

With Worx lawnmowers, you don’t have to be concerned with rugged terrains. These lawnmowers can be powered using a battery. However, they can mow a lawn that has a couple of rough areas. With each pass, the grass ends up looking uniform and healthy.


Types of Lawnmower Brands

Honda lawnmowers’ beauty is concealed in their cores. When it comes to engine innovation, Honda surpasses all other brands. It implies that your lawnmower can tackle even the most rugged yards without breaking a sweat.

Honda has a couple of design categories for its collection, starting from pocket-friendly to commercial applications. If you want a middle-of-the-road mower, then go for the HRX217K5VKA design.

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It’s one of the gas lawnmower collections from Honda that come with an affordable price tag. Besides the dependable motor, this design brags numerous other features, such as:

  • These mowers have durable components with an included guarantee.
  • They’re effective on damp or desiccated grass.
  • Honda mowers can mulch and shred.

Usually, top brands come with a couple of unmatched highlights for their designs, and Honda is included. Honda mowers come with dual-blade technology. These lawnmowers ensure that the grass is always even as they cut it in two different movements.

The action of cutting the grass increases the mulching power of the mower when grass and leaves accumulate in the storage bag.

From self-driven to cruise control options, Honda has numerous designs that may be suitable for your landscaping requirements. You only need to browse through their collection as each design has benefits that pay off for the health of the lawn.

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Types of Lawnmower Brands

Troy-Bilt is one of the best lawnmower brandsdue to its durability and unparalleled contributions to the mowing industry. The maker doesn’t only publicize the usual walk-behind lawnmowers. They also have lawnmowers for the smallest and biggest yards and, therefore, browsing through their collection is necessary.

You can also relish the ease of utilizing a self-driven lawnmower from Troy-Bilt. Simply guide it a bit, and the lawnmower carries on at a regulated pace. Each Troy-Bilt lawnmower has a premium quality engine that gives you the option of changing or not changing the oil throughout its life.

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Several Troy-Bilt lawnmowers have the “no oil change” design. It’s attractive to your application and, therefore, ensure that you verify the design before buying it. You can also step up your mowing by using a riding lawnmower.

Riding lawnmowers are built like a real vehicle and, therefore, ensure that you’re keen on engine care and battery maintenance. These Troy-Bilt models are designed for large yards like commercial applications or ranch properties.

Troy-Bilt produces numerous lawnmowers. They ensure that your grass stays tidy and clean always.


Types of Lawnmower Brands

This Japanese fabricator is known for a wide array of tools. Ryobi has several lawnmowers in the shops for Aussie consumers to buy. It manufactures both gasoline and electric lawnmower designs.

Ryobi has some of the cheapest lawnmowers available in the shops. If you’re budget-conscious or searching for a smaller design, Ryobi mowers are the best bet. Some of these mowers have a cutting width of 13 inches.

Gasoline lawnmowers from Ryobi are available in the 175CC series. They comprise two designs and each has a 4-stroke Yamaha motor. Nonetheless, many Ryobi mowers are available in form of electric mowers, with 18 and 36-Volt power output.

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18-volt mowers have a smaller cutting breadth – the largest available width is 18 inches. If you have a small lawn with tight nooks or edges, these are the best mowers. The 36-Volt mowers offer a wider cutting breadth, apart from an increase in power. Their width ranges from 16-20 inches

The 16-inch lawnmower comes with a 50-liter catcher capacity. It also has five height choices for a 20-70 mm cutting range. The 20-inch design has seven height options. It also comes with a cutting range of 25-75 mm according to individual preferences. It also comes with a self-drive feature that facilitates mowing.


Types of Lawnmower Brands

Ozito mowers have been in the shops since 1993. This brand provides hand and electric designs. Although you may not be fortunate if you want a gasoline model, electric lawnmowers from Ozito may win your heart as they’re among the most affordable mowers available in the market.

Electric lawnmowers from Ozito are available in a wide variety of engine sizes, comprising 1000, 1400, and 1500 watts choices for any type of lawn. All of them come with security features to make sure that no fortuitous start-ups happen.

The mowers are equipped with a folding handle and a catcher capacity of 38 litersto facilitate storage. These mowers can handle both small and medium-sized yards. The Push Reel mower (a hand model manufactured by Ozito) is the right option if you have a smaller lawn. This model comes with self-acuminating blades, and this minimizes maintenance.

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Also, it has anti-slip wheels for easy use irrespective of the weather. The Push Reel mower is also equipped with a cutting height that you can modify between 14 and 42 mm for a close cut. A 300-breadth cut can make it easy to work in narrow areas.


Types of Lawnmower Brands

The German fabricator (Bosch) is renowned for a wide variety of household apparatus. Also, Bosch has ventured outdoors to provide two mower designs – CityMower 18 and the ARM 37. Both come with the Ergoflex system.

They also have easy-grip handles that you can modify for enhanced body stance when mowing. Their cutting heights range from 20-70 mm and the cutting breadth varies between 14 and 16 inches based on the design. For a cleanly cut yard within no time, these designs have a powerdrive engine.

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Types of Lawnmower Brands

This Japanese maker was established more than a century ago. It provides smaller lawnmowers as compared to other brands. However, they’re enough if you need gasoline or electric design.

Makita’s electric mowers are cordless. They’re fit for small to medium-sized lawns. The smaller design has six settings for the height and a cutting width of 15 inches. Also, it has a 40-liter catcher capacity with a runtime of 17 minutes.

There’s an electric design with 13 settings and a cutting breadth of 17 inches used to mow larger areas. Gasoline models from Makita have motor sizes of between 140CC and 190CC. Also, their cutting width ranges from 18 to 20 inches.

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All gasoline lawnmowers have mulching capabilities besides the 60-liter catcher and a cutting height of between 20 and 75 mm to assist in gardening.


Types of Lawnmower Brands

The Victa mower is an icon in Australia. It was established in the 1950s. The brand makes a wide variety of lawnmowers to meet your requirements, whether you have only a few meters or acres to mow.

Victa lawnmowers come in several series – comprising electric and self-driven designs. You can get Victa mowers at a hardware store in the vicinity or mower dealers. They make a classic cut with the 18-inch cutting breadth.

These mowers have a double-blade cutting system that offers an effective way to grasp the yard clippings. The Victa mower features RapidStart technology and is powered by a 4-stroke motor. It’s fit for lawns with an area of 200 square meters.

If your lawn has tight nooks or problems with heftier designs, the UltraLite mower is the ideal appliance for you. It comes with a light chassis cutting down on the weight of the mower. It facilitates pushing the mower around the lawn. Its height and width specifications are similar to the Victa Classic Cut. The UltraLite gets the job done with minimal effort.

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If you prefer an electric mower, Victa provides both a 40-volt and an 82-volt cordless range. Each series consists of more than two design types. The 82-volt lawnmower’s runtime is 45 minutes. The 40-volt mower can mow a lawn with an area of 360 square meters in a single charge.

The two model types are powered by Li-ion batteries. You can also purchase extra batteries separately. It means that Victa mowers can mow large or those that have grown wildly.

So, What’s the Best Lawnmower Brand for you?

With numerous brands and designs to take into account, the mower brand you settle for depends on various factors. If you have a larger yard, look for brands with a wider cutting breadth, and larger engines or batteries to make sure that the job is done.

A self-driven design is the best bet if your lawn is on an incline. If you’re somewhat of a green thumb, search for a mower with mulching capabilities. With this mower, you can maintain your lawn properly.

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Those who only have a little area may take into account a hand mower. Each yard is distinct, and there are numerous brands and design types to consider. Therefore, carrying out a bit of study into lawnmowers will save you cash. You’ll also save time mowing. It means that you’ll have plenty of time to relish your yard with that chilly drink.

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