What Kind of Mower Do I Need for 5 Acres? – The Ultimate Guide

What Kind of Mower Do I Need for 5 Acres?

There are many different types of mowers available on the market. The type you should choose depends on the size of your lawn, what you want to do with it, and what you need from the mower. For example, a reel mower is best for small lawns.

A tractor mower is best for large lawns or uneven terrain. If you have a mix of both, than an electric or push reel may be best. Knowing which type of mower will work best for your needs can make your lawn more enjoyable and easier to maintain.

What Kind of Mower Do I Need for 5 Acres?

1. A .22 reel mower. An alternative to the reel mower, this type of mower is great for someone with smaller or shorter grass and smaller lawn area. It is self-propelled and very portable, so it’s very easy to use.

2. A push reel mower. This type of mower works by pushing you in a box around the yard to cut the grass. It can be used for uneven terrain, short grass, and small lawns.

3. A tractor mower. This type of mower is self-propelled and built for large lawns or difficult terrain. It is used by people with larger properties, larger lawns, and people that are already familiar with the mower.

4. Reel mower. The reel mower is one of the best mowers for small lawns, because it is self-propelled and very portable.

How to Mow a Lawn

Some people believe that they do not need a mower because they have the same sized lawn as everyone else. This is not true. With a little effort you can do a better job with less effort. While many people may not know the size of their property, there are standard measurement methods.

One example is the slash and gather method. Most people already know how to gather leaves, so what about your yard? This is a simple way to estimate your yard size. Put a piece of string and a marker in each corner of your yard.

Trace the string on your lawn, then cut the string in half. This is the size of your yard. If you still do not know how large your yard is, this number can help. For an example, the average lawn at Howard University is 45 feet by 100 feet.

What Are the Different Types of Lawn Mowers?

The answer to the above question depends on your needs and your home. There are many different types of lawn mowers out there. Some use compressed gas, while others use electric motors. There are also other types of mowers on the market, but the type you need will depend on the type of yard you have.

Reel mowers are best for small lawns. They use a reel to make the mower turn, instead of a push or gas powered motor. The most common reel mower is a push reel, which works by pulling the mower behind you, as opposed to pulling the mower up and down.

Reel Mower Small lawns only need the top half of the mower. This means that you only need one mower, instead of two, making it more economical.

Reel Mowers

The reel mower has the advantage of working on a large area without using as much power or fuel as other types of mowers. An electric reel mower usually uses 2 small motors and costs less to maintain. Reels can be found in both electric and manual models. The electric models use a series of blades that work together to cut grass.

The blades run along a set of gears that turn and push the mower forward. The electric models usually start easily and with little friction, making it easy to push and maneuver the mower. The manual versions of reel mowers, on the other hand, are more labor intensive to use. Since they are powered by hand crank, the blades must be spun very quickly to get them moving.

Tractor Mowers

Tractor mowers work by pushing against the ground and pushing mowed grass behind the engine. They work well for flat lawns and are very easy to operate. They tend to have few parts that wear out, are relatively inexpensive, and last for many years.

Reel mowers are mounted on rollers and push against a vertical edge of grass.  They are good for lawns that are sloped and uneven. They are designed for larger lawns that require a lot of maneuvering. They are quite different from tractor mowers and reel mowers, which have the advantage of simplicity.

Electric mowers are the cheapest option and are almost always the best choice. These mowers have rechargeable batteries that provide a charge while the mower is in use.

Push Reel and Electric Reel

If you’re looking for a power mower that is faster than a reel mower, then a push reel mower is probably the way to go. The reel mower has a long handle that you pull back to reel it in. The push reel mower only has a long handle that you push forward to reel it in.

Because the push reel mower is faster than a reel mower, you may not have to pull the grass as far as with the reel mower. However, a push reel mower isn’t necessarily less power or less powerful than a reel mower.

They all handle similarly. Mower Speed – Distance = Time If you’re going to mow in several rounds, then a fast mower is better. A mower that will cut in one pass will cut the whole lawn and leave you plenty of time to breathe. A mower that will cut in several passes will be less noisy and less laborious.


Making your yard look great can be a great summertime activity. This guide will give you the information you need to have a great time and make your yard look as good as possible.

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