Why do Dogs Bark at Lawn Mowers?

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If there is one sound that is universally 100% guaranteed to drive a dog nuts, it’s the sound of a lawnmower. Dogs bark at the lawnmowers for many different reasons. They bark because they are scared and don’t know how to react.

They might bark because they want to get the attention of their owner. They may also be trying to defend their territory from what seems like an intruder. No matter why they are barking, you will know that other dogs have been driven crazy by this noise too. Here, are some possible solutions for when your dog reacts to the sound of a lawnmower:

Sound of a lawn mower

I like to have things simple. Here are my top-secret lawn mower tactics:

1. Make sure the mower is off or that the lawn is cut short. Otherwise, your dog is going to get scared.

2. Gently shout a warning at your dog. “Go sit!” or “Easy!” will do the trick.

3. If your dog is barking and/or running toward the lawn mower, keep the lawn mower moving forward. If your dog is barking, you must direct his attention to something else so he won’t be distracted by the noise of the lawn mower. Move him in another direction, by walking or laying on the grass, or by playing chase.

4. If your dog is barking at your lawn mower and has been barking for a while, you may need to take his leash off so he can focus on the lawn mower without pulling on it.

Why do dogs bark at lawnmowers?

1. Dogs are scared and confused If a dog hears a lawnmower, and they hear it from their location and it sounds like it is right next to them, they may think that a predator or monster is attacking.

2. Owners ignore it Or they may not have paid much attention to what their dog was doing and now that they do, they are puzzled and not sure what to do with the dog.

3. Owners don’t listen to it Dogs may bark because they are trying to communicate with the lawn mower. When you don’t pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you, then the barking is actually your dog’s way of asking you to help.

4. Owners ignore the barking For many dogs, they will start to show their annoyance by hitting the lawn mower.

5. Owners ignore the barking.

6. Dogs ignore the barking.

How to stop your dog from barking at the sound of a lawn mower

First, it’s best to make sure that your dog can be trusted and know that they are not supposed to bark at the lawnmower. Keep in mind that even when you are not running the lawnmower, other lawnmowers in the neighborhood can be a threat.

Some people opt to muzzle their dogs. This can be a great tool to have if you can afford it and use it on occasion. The problem is that muzzle length can vary considerably. When you see that your dog has barked at the lawnmower and that he or she is still barking, make sure you check him or her for injuries. If you see any injuries, call the emergency vet.

It is best if you can do this before you remove the muzzle, but the vet will help make sure your dog doesn’t suffer permanent injuries.

Make sure they have enough exercise

Make sure the dog has enough exercise to work off all of the excess energy they are carrying. Playing fetch is a great way to pass the time while the grass mowers are running. There is an added bonus to exercise during the summer.

It’s also a great way to keep the dog cool in the sweltering heat. Use distractions If the lawnmowers are running frequently, it’s easy to overlook your dog when he or she is barking. In that case, make sure your dog is distracted by playing.

Scratching the dog with a toy on his or her favorite part of the body can take the attention off the mower. Place your dog in another room If you can’t distract your dog with fun activities, it’s best to move away from the sound. Move inside or call someone over to help distract the dog.

Find the right type of noise for them

If your dog has been raised with a lawnmower, chances are they are used to it. It may be more important for you to find the type of lawnmower that is best for your dog. Certain types of lawnmowers will be more pleasant for dogs than others.

For instance, if you have a Cushman lawnmower, your dog might not want to bark at it. A little bit of barking at a machine that sounds exactly like a lawnmower will make him more eager to work and hopefully want to do well.

Keep in mind that it’s perfectly natural for dogs to be annoyed by lawnmowers. They just aren’t going to like it, and they may become even more anxious if you give them no choice. It’s best to see how your dog reacts to the sounds of the lawnmowers before making any drastic changes.


The good news is that we’ve documented and given you some amazing examples of how to work around this common dog fear. So don’t feel bad if your dog doesn’t like lawnmowers. You’re on the right track. Have you got a similar problem?

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