The 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Uneven Terrain (Reviewed 2022)

Riding lawn mowers offers speed, power and performance unrivaled by any other means of lawn here. If you have a larger hilly lawn or a lawn care professional, these mowers save you time and energy. A riding more is also safer than a push mower because the elevated seat keeps you off the ground and out of the way of rocks or other objects that blades kick out.

A riding lawn mower is a useful tool for a variety of different situations. When you have hilly terrain, a riding lawn mower can come in handy for keeping your yard looking neat and tidy. It’s also great if you have a large property and don’t need to use the mower on grass often because of how much time it would take to push it around.

Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing an uneven terrain lawnmower.

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  1. Troy-Bilt 382CC 30 Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

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Troy-Bilt 382CC makes it easy for first-time, riding lawnmower owners to make the transition from push mowers to riding mowers. It boasts a five-height adjustable blade system and manual power takeoff so you will have no trouble starting the mower and engaging the blade. Plus, the mowers seating steering wheel and gas gauge features let you cut the grass in comfort and remove the guesswork from calculating the fuel level.

Hooks can be deceiving, and this is certainly true for this Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Riding lawnmower. This sit-on mower does not appear to be a heavy-duty machine with superior performance, but the sheer power and its durability will amaze you.

This lawnmower is packed with a large 382 CC single Troy-Bilt engine that delivers a good amount of power. The rear placement of the engine reduces the max ground riding speed to 4.25, but the included 30-inch cutting blade is a great compromise between maneuverability and cutting width.

The Troy-Bilt Neighborhood rider utilizes an accessory system that Troy-Bilt calls fast to attach. The accessories, which are sold separately can be attached to the riding lawnmower quickly, and without the help of tools. The mower is one of the most compact models on the market in weighs only 340 pounds and measures 26 by 34 by 64 inches.

Considering its features such as the fuel site window, easily maneuvering steering wheel soft grip and precise 18 inch turns, this Troy-Bilt 30-inch neighborhood riding lawn mower is specifically designed to make lawn maintenance as effortless as possible.

To summarize this Troy-Bilt 30-inch neighborhood riding lawnmower is a viable option when you want to tend to a yard in the range of one to two acres tops. Its top features include versatility, excellent maneuverability user-friendliness, and advanced safety features. Moreover, it is definitely the most economical choice for working in fenced yards with narrow gates and fixed paths that need a compact, but powerful mower.


  • Superior performance.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Efficient.
  • Safety features.


  • It needs regular maintenance.


  1. Simplicity 2691339 Conquest Mower, Riding, Tractor, Orange

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When you invest in a riding mower from a renowned manufacturer, you definitely expect it to be agile efficient, and user-friendly. In this regard, the Simplicity Series 46 Inch Lawn Tractor riding mower, undoubtedly exceeds your expectations. Its superior V twin hydrostatic engine stands miles ahead of the plethora of lawnmowers that run on less efficient single-cylinder engines.

No need to be a mowing expert to master its various controls thanks to the pliable push button, cruise control system for speed adjustments, the highly responsive automotive-style steering, and the super-tight 16-inch turn radius for precise base cutting.

Armed with a bigger size 46-inch cutting deck whilst being powered by a 22 horsepower Kohler engine, this riding beauty from Cub Cadet takes on one to two-acre yards with great ease, not to forget you have the option of taking your pick from various add-ons like a twin bagger mulch kit, rear spreader, snow blade, steel and poly cart and so on.

One of the myriad benefits of opting for the Simplicity 2691339 Conquest riding mower is its wide to blade cutting deck as wide as 46 inches. Normally, a riding Mar from trying built or snapper in a slightly lower price bracket comes one of the cutting deck ranging from 30 to 42 inches only, so it takes close to three hours to perfectly mow almost two-acre yard using a smaller mower, but with this huge Simplicity model, the job gets done in half the time.

The fact that this twin V hydrostatic riding mower from Simplicity provides 12 cutting Heights between one to four inches itself speaks of the super limited features it has to offer.

The only downer is that the mulch kit twin bagger and rear spreader need to be purchased separately. There are several other optional multi-seasonal attachments to choose from as well.


  • Compact design.
  • Superior engine.
  • User friendly.
  • Big cutting deck.


  • Most of the attachments are bought separately.


  1. Poulan Pro 960420182 Riding Lawn Mower

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This Poulan pro riding mower is a successful lawn tractor of the pool on it is made by a top brand. This is one of their more powerful and largest versions that is built like a tractor. Because of its ease of use beautiful design, powerful engine, and awesome performance, it has been introduced as a successful lawn tractor.

This Poulan Pro has a 15.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine and a 12-volt battery. It’s also combined with a pedal control fast auto-drive transmission that makes the entire process very easy. The ability to control the grass mowing process is truly simple and the lever is very responsive, something that makes mowing very interesting and fun as an experience.

When you look to the overall black design, the pool on the pro is simply stunning. It’s too easy to use and at the same time, it also provides you with a comfortable seat. It’s a plus point for you, which makes mowing very simple and precise.

Poulan Pro equipment represents the best value to homeowners in the marketplace, offering the quality, power, and durability that every customer should come to expect. The front and rear tires are very large and comfortable. That helps a lot when it comes to moving over the grass and cutting it.

And when you look at this, you will feel great to have this one. Everything was designed to be convenient and easy to use. Most necessary functions are automatic, such as the engine startup, blade engagement, and transmission.

The 15.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton overhead valve engine with pressurized lubrication is designed to run cooler and cleaner, delivering more power when needed ready start starting system takes the guesswork out of starting your engine. No need to prime or choke.


  • Powerful engine.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Awesome performance.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not available in many colors.


  1. Husqvarna TYA24V48 Fast Tractor Riding Lawn Mower

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The framework of the lawn mower is black and orange, which proves to be refreshing to the eyes. The structure of the mower is effortlessly designed to help you sit and relax comfortably while you cut the grass in no time. There’s also an hour meter placed with a digital pre-program system, which will make it easier for you to note the time spent mowing your lawn.

The engine is very powerful and spectacularly designed with two filters, 12-volt batteries, and three gallons of fuel tank volume. Briggs and Stratton’s engine is used all over the world and is a trusted brand.

The ergonomic seats are specially designed, which do not put any stress on your back or cause any back pain. There is also an option to change the height setting of the seat for your personal preference. The steering wheel is easy to handle as it’s overmolded, which means that even if you have sweaty hands, the grip won’t loosen.

It comes with an armrest cup holder headlights, and a safety switches onto your seat. There’s also a cast-iron front axle, which provides balance and stability. The drive system is smooth. With this essential factor, it won’t choke when you quick start. It also has an electric clutch with a charge port. You can cut the grass in either mode reverse or forward.

It has a 2.9 mile per hour reverse speed. And the break cut is outstanding. There are three blades provided, which increased the cutting speed. It also comes with cruise control. To summarize keeping all of these amazing features in mind, this is a lawnmower you will love to have. It has all of the essential elements needed in good lawn mowing. In the end, you must look into affordability, durability, and reliability, all of which Husqvarna offers.


  • Modern design.
  • Compact
  • Powerful engine.
  • User friendly.


  • Heavy.


  1. Snapper 560Z 52-Inch 25HP Briggs & Stratton Commercial Engine Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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This Riding lawnmower is powerful for a compact mower. It has a fuel-efficient OHV engine, a 42-inch cutting deck and seven-speed automatic transmission. The cutting deck has three discharge options and the transmission gives you a smooth, easy mowing experience.

One of the highlight features of this riding mower is the engine. It’s a four-cycle power, more overhead valve engine, which means it gives you a stronger performance and more fuel efficiency.

You get 420 CC of power. And since it’s an electric, start, it powers up with just a turn of a key. Because of its compact size, the MTD yard machines, riding a mower is easy to get close to obstacles like trees than if you had a bigger mower. You also get an 18-inch turning radius, so making turns and cutting in corners, isn’t too much of a pain.

Many yard tractors are pretty aggressive with your grass and often rip the turf. The two-deck gauge wheels are designed with an anti-scalp feature so your grass stays where it should even on rougher parts.

One of the downsides to this mower is that you can’t mow in reverse. You have to turn around every time instead of backing up in mowing. Luckily, turning around isn’t difficult thanks to the mower’s size and turning radius.

To summarize, this mower is a sturdy riding lawnmower with a good fuel-efficient engine and a wide 42-inch cutting deck. You can also go reasonably fast in this mower up to five miles an hour. So combined with the narrow turning radius, you can mow your lawn quickly, even if you have to go around landscape features. Because the tank is so small, it’s clear this mower wasn’t intended to cover huge areas of land. If you have a smaller yard, you’ll be very satisfied with the MTD.


  • Powerful engine.
  • Compact design.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Reasonably fast.


  • Cannot mow in reverse.

Things You Should Consider

Uneven terrain can be a nightmare to maneuver around. Luckily, there are machines that make this job easier. Riding lawn mowers for uneven terrain are an excellent choice if you have a large yard with lots of bumps and hills.

They get the job done quickly, and are often more efficient than pushing a manual mower. But which type should you buy? Here, is a buying guide that will help you decide on the best riding lawn mower for your needs.

Different Types of Riding Mowers

There are many different types of riding mowers to choose from. The first is the push mower, which is what you get when you visit a lawn mower retailer. The push mower is a manual mower that uses a push-motor and typically has a standard height of 33 inches. It is most common used for lawns that are smaller and more uniform.

Another type of riding lawn mower is a self-propelled mower. Self-propelled mowers use a gas-powered motor to push the mower across the ground, instead of wheels. They are also quite popular for larger lawns. This type of mower works the same way as a push mower, but it allows you to adjust your mower to your own height so you can use it no matter what you are doing. This makes it more convenient and keeps your back as comfortable as possible.

Breakdown of the types

There are four different types of riding lawn mowers that are available today: self-propelled, twin-motor, walk-behind and string trimmer. They have different advantages and drawbacks. Below, we will briefly discuss each type of machine and recommend the best one for your needs.

Self-propelled are ideal for lawns that are mostly level and have no big hills or sharp turns. Self-propelled lawn mowers provide a superior riding experience than manual mowers. They have numerous advantages over manual mowers.

They have more power and better acceleration. The storage space is often much bigger. They can be plugged into a regular outlet. They are also quieter than manual mowers and easier to start.

Pros and Cons

There are several different types of riding lawn mowers. Choosing the best one for your needs is not easy, and it requires taking a close look at the pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the different types and discuss some of the most important features to consider when making the decision.

Hydraulic mower These are the most common types of riding lawn mower. They use a rotating assembly that pushes the blades against the ground and pushes the grass underneath the mower. When you push a button on the handle, the blades are turned on, and you can drive it around.

Hydraulic mowers are popular because they are easy to maneuver. However, they are a bit more expensive and have a longer range, since they don’t use an engine.

Lawn Size and Yard Shape

Before you shop for a lawn mower, there are a few things to consider. The first is how large your yard is. As a general rule, the longer the lawn, the more distance you will need to travel on the mower, which is why riding mowers for long, full-sized yards are better suited to round hills, and push mowers for shorter, irregularly shaped areas.

Larger yards will need more travel on the mower, but you should still be able to do an entire yard without walking more than a few yards each time. The next step is yard size. The length of the yard will determine how many feet it will take to travel across.

Small yards will be the most common and will usually only take three or four minutes to mow. Larger yards are typically a good deal longer and will take a good half-hour to mow.


Budget is the first point you should consider. Lawn mowers for uneven terrain are not the cheapest machines you can buy. However, these lawn mowers are definitely worth the money if they’re for you. If you need a good one for your large yard with lots of bumpy terrain, this lawn mower is an excellent choice. It runs well on bumpy surfaces.

A big advantage of this type of lawn mower is versatility. A riding lawn mower for uneven terrain will have multiple blades that will do a great job on any type of grass. It will also have a large garden sprayer that will make it easy to spray leaves and grass clippings. Fuel consumption Another advantage of riding lawn mowers for uneven terrain is their fuel efficiency.

Your Height

The easiest way to see which type of riding lawn mower will work best for your yard is to determine how tall you are. A standard height for a riding lawn mower is about 35 inches, or just about 5 feet 6 inches. This will help you get over small obstacles, as well as mow slopes, as well as cut into and around obstacles.

If you are shorter than that, a traditional push mower is a better choice.  Not everyone can keep up with a riding lawn mower, and that is totally okay. This type of lawn mower has a towbar that allows it to be pulled behind a vehicle. It makes it easy to move from one yard to the next, and even easier to get out of a tight spot.

Your Health and Physical Fitness

Many lawn mower companies focus on the efficiency of their equipment. However, if you’re looking for a machine that is also more comfortable to use, go with a riding lawn mower instead. These machines can go up and down uneven terrain easily and efficiently.

In addition, they typically have larger wheels that roll over a wider surface area. If you have a large property, the ability to go up and down the yard quickly and efficiently can be extremely beneficial. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide for selecting a riding lawn mower.

A riding lawn mower with hydraulic power is usually a better choice if you like to have some exercise while you’re working. By pulling on the handle, the rider will make the mower go in a straight line.

Exercise Level

There are riding lawn mowers that can be used for any type of use, from small to large sized yards. The higher the exercise level, the more you can expect from your mower. As a rule of thumb, a riding lawn mower will do the most work when it is working at an exercise level of around eight to ten.

Repairability is another important aspect to consider before buying a lawn mower. Only a lawn mower that is repairable and can be serviced will be able to withstand the tasks that will be performed on it. Invest in a mower that will last longer and that will be easy to use.

There is a major distinction in lawn mower sizes, and it’s very important to determine which one fits your needs.


Today’s homeowner wants to take care of the lawn all by themselves. They spend hours researching the best mower for their needs and budget. They buy a new mower or maybe they go with renting one. After a few months, they realize that there’s something not quite right about their shiny new purchase.

That’s when they start searching for tips on how to fix it, which brings them here. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the FAQs our readers ask about riding lawn mowers for uneven terrain. We hope it helps!

What’s a riding lawn mower?

A riding lawn mower is a commercial device used to mow an uneven or hilly area with a high riding capacity. It generally features a maximum height of about 2 meters (7.2 feet). These mowers are designed so that they don’t slip when operating on uneven ground and are ideal for lawns that have been converted from lawn grass to woody vegetation. That is why riding lawn mowers are generally known as walking mowers.

The selection of mowers and accessories is more diverse than you might think. A riding lawn mower is available in several sizes from three meters (10 feet) up to five meters (16 feet). The most popular models are the side by side mowers.

What’s the difference between a push and ride lawn mower?

We see two different kinds of mowers sold for uneven terrain. One uses gasoline, another one electric. What is a gasoline mower? A gasoline lawn mower runs on gasoline and can only be used on a smooth surface. In most cases, the mower itself must be placed in a smooth surface, or else it won’t run on the lawn.

For example, lawns with uneven surfaces, old asphalt roads, or new concrete. What is an electric lawn mower? An electric lawn mower runs off batteries. The mower itself is not placed in an uneven surface. In most cases, the lawn mower is placed in a smooth surface such as a gravel driveway, asphalt driveway, concrete driveway or concrete sidewalk. When mowing an uneven surface, a rider must push the mower in order to move on uneven terrain.

How do you change the blades on your riding lawnmower?

You will need a few things in order to do this. You will need: To get started, you’ll need to turn on your mower and see that it’s in high gear, meaning that the blades are spinning fast. If you can’t see the blades, then the blades are spinning so fast that they can’t be seen, or maybe you are too close to the mower for the blades to be visible.

If your mower is rotating too fast, or has locked blades, the wheels will spin but the mower won’t move. You can test this by jolting your mower and seeing that it keeps spinning even when you stop jolting it. You’ll notice that the wheels keep spinning even when you pull the mower up and take the blades off. You can unscrew the center axle. If you’re on a steep hill, you’ll need to go a little bit sideways to remove it.

Why is my riding lawnmower not cutting properly?

It may be that your riding mower has got a flat tire or a broken blade or the engine is running poorly. You can check your mower’s idler pulley, air filter, and power takeoff cable with the mower. Check your car’s torque wrench and tighten the pulley and air filter.

You may need to replace the engine. You can change the oil to fix the bad engine. The oil can make your mower run better, too. You can look up a list of the good parts for your mower and install them.

If you’re in the market for a mower, you’ll want to consider the features and affordability. A modern mower can have higher horsepower and more amenities than what’s in the past. Read the manual and let us know if you need help.

My grass is too tall and thick – what do I do now?

While it is possible to mow high-quality grass, if the grass is too tall for the mower to cut, you need to keep your mower’s cutting distance to a minimum. First, the mower needs to have its cutting distance at the recommended setting, because it is possible that it will over cut your lawn.

Also, it is possible that you could damage the grass by being too aggressive with the mower. If you have to have your lawn cut, you should give your lawn a proper trim in between mowing. In some cases, it might be easier to hire a professional.

Also, try not to let your grass go over six inches. We suggest to keep your grass a minimum of two inches to prevent damage to your mower, mower blades, and your hands. My grass is already too high to mow. How do I get the mower to mow lower?

What are some other ways to cut down my grass?

If you are cutting your grass with a riding mower, then most likely you need the mower blades to be taller than those on a push mower. This is because the bigger blades cut grass more efficiently. If your lawn mower blade is shorter than the distance between the guide posts, then you may experience mowing problems.

Take the local regulations for your city. If you have a large front yard with many different terrains, you’ll probably have to rent a riding lawn mower because you can’t use an electric trimmer in your neighborhood. We’ve seen rental mowers that cost over $200 each to use. It’s not necessary to rent a mower that will spend most of its time stuck in a corner.


Riding lawn mower for uneven terrain is a service where the riding lawn mower is used to cut the grass in an uneven area. It differs from other types of mowers, as it only cuts the grass on a certain distance. This eliminates the need to go to the barn to push the mower, as it can be done easily with a push mower. This is not a method that can be used to cut long grass.

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